Saturday, March 5, 2011

Pennsville Flea Market

Katie and I stopped by the Pennsville Flea Market
again today... much to our delight!  
One of the vendors has perhaps a dozen tables 
set up with cardboard signs ($1, $2, etc.)... 
He is one of our favorite vendors!  
Today we picked up three vintage doll dresses, 
a pair of pink little doll shoes 
along with three pair of stockings, 
the wonderful antique clock-face hand stamp, 
a hand tied table runner, a beautiful doll head 
(that I will use for making a mold)
 and eyes that will find a new "home"...
And in the background a "perfectly well-worn"
leather coat that will soon be repurposed 
into teddy bear pads and doll shoes!


  1. Daryle, Thank you so much for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment... so kind of you. I picked up the new ADQ recently and have been enjoying seeing your Sufficient Phaeton there. Such a great piece... kudos on the feature! Happy to be sharing the Doll Town experience with you.:)