Sunday, March 20, 2011

My Bruin... Her Brunette!

Katie and I spent some time at the
New Castle Farmer's Market yesterday afternoon...
and we came across this 23 inch tall doll.
I picked her up, the vendor said "$10.00"...
and I put her back down!
Then he asked; "How about $5.00?"
She came home with us! 
While cleaning her up (her face was a mess!) 
I noticed that stamped on the back of her head 
was the name: "Jane Zidjunas" and the date 1991,
as well as the doll's name:  "Elise" 
She wears a drop waist dress, pantaloons, 
a full length slip, long stockings, and leather shoes.
She has a mohair wig and (scratched) glass eyes.
We think she looks perfect sitting next to one of the
mohair teddy bears I designed and made, years ago...
(even with his crooked, wire-rimmed spectacles!)


  1. Oh, what a find. She is lovely! Love her dress and her face is so sweet. A bear maker myself, I can appreciate the wonderful bear sitting next to her. He is great!

    Have a happy day!

  2. Boy Daryle - you sure know how to drive a hard bargain!

  3. Don'tcha just love when a plan comes together?