Friday, January 28, 2011

Aesop's Satyr is SLOWLY Coming Together!

His arms are just pinned in place, as I work on 
painting him.  I used some thinned down 
burnt umber for a base-coat and then added
a bit of blush around his face.
I will begin to layer translucent coats of
color to his head, neck, upper body, legs and hands...
I want to build up the color... and when he
says; "I'm done..."  then I'll be done!  Daryle 


  1. OMG Daryle isn't he just most precious little fella ever!! He just put a huge smile on my face! You just keep exceeding yourself each time to start a new creation! I love him!
    Have a fun weekend (how could you not working on that guy)!
    Tina xo