Friday, January 21, 2011

"Sufficient" is in the Spring 2011 Issue of ADQ!

What an honor, to find myself (well, "Phaeton" that is...) in the same issue of Art Doll Quarterly as dolls by artists like: Ankie Daanen, Catherine Zacchino, Marina Lenzino, and my all-time-favorite... Marlaine Verhelst!
This was one of those "Wow!" moments for me... Daryle


  1. Congratulations Daryle! In my humble opinion the magazine is lucky to have your fabulous work to show! You are an extraordinarily gifted doll creator and artist!
    Have a great celebratory weekend...
    Tina xo

  2. Congratulations, Caryle! Can't wait to get my copy and Phaeton's photo shoot!

  3. Daryle!!! You congratulated me yesterday and I congratulate you today! I received ADQ and I saw your Phaeton even before my Alice! You do such stand-out work that you deserve making every issue and every cover!
    Thank you so much for listing me in your blog post next to amazing names like Anki Daanen and Marlein Verhelst (my faves too!!). I am so grateful for your appreciation! XOXO