Saturday, January 8, 2011

"Snow Angel" has a Waist-Coat Jacket!

He finally has a mouth 
and some low profile eye-lids!
I finished his boots and made a pair
of warm winter mittens using paper clay.
His little wool jacket was constructed 
using an old, recycled off-white wool blanket 
that Katie and I found at a resale shop in Ephrata, PA. 
 It is hand "dyed" with azure blue
 acrylic paint, diluted in tap water.
I allow the wool to air-dry for two hours
and then brushed on the stripes and collar accents
with some undiluted azure blue. 
His entire body and his boots have a coat of gesso 
and are ready for painting!
(I'm thinking RED boots!)  
Warm Wishes from snowy south jersey... Daryle

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  1. He's looking really good!!! Love the coat!! You did a great job on it! Red boots work! michele