Friday, January 21, 2011

"Phaeton"... basking in the moment!

I love this photo of him... 
it was taken with the sun setting; 
creating these wonderful shadows
as a backdrop!


  1. I can see why you love this photo, it is so beautiful with the shadows, it makes him even more magical!

  2. Daryle,
    I am excited to tell you- I am finally going to get to see your work in ADQ. I was not able to purchase ADQ in any of my usual haunts this last Dec and trust me I tried everywhere. Finally, when I had a minute I suscribed and ordered back issues. Seriously- I was so frustrated- every stamping magazine in the world but no ADQ! So, looking forward to its arrival anyday. :)

  3. ~He does look handsome in this light~no doubt he is thinking~"what a lucky fellow he is."~ ;)
    again I love your work~ you get me all jazzed~ stopping here is becoming a creative ritual, to get my artsy, juices flowing.~

  4. Just finally got my hands on the newest ADQ and saw this piece. GREAT!! Kudos on the feature!