Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Cloth and Clay Challenge... Ah, the "Winter Fantasy!"

I have finally found that window in time 
to work on my "Winter Fantasy" doll
over at Cloth and Clay...
 I envision making a "snow angel"...
ready to fall back on a blanket of
soft, freshly fallen snow!
I used paper clay over a styrofoam ball
for the head and heavy canvas for the body.
I am working on a wool waistcoat jacket
for this guy; made from a recycled blanket
that I have hand dyed. Warm Wishes... Daryle


  1. Your WIP Snow Angel is coming along great. I am forever drawn to the look of your creations. BTW, do you have a shop where you sell any of your works of art?

  2. She's magical! Can't wait to see her finished! Michele

  3. He is wonderful Daryle~ I really like him~ congrats by the way on your winter cover on ADQ

    Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying Hi~ I hope you & Katie have a wonderful New Year~ the BEST!
    xoxo rachael

  4. ~Your snow-angel is looking beautiful !~Such a happy little angel.~
    I need to start working on mine.~

  5. Oooh I cannot wait to see this sweet angel completed, I am already in love with his sweet face and the crown is going to be divine! I hope the New Year will be wonderful for you both and bring you much joy, love and happiness!