Thursday, January 14, 2016

Wednesday's Whimsy!

A new feature here at Woodstown Whimsies... (a little drum roll)

A weekly post, right in the middle of the week... 
offering a quote, or perhaps a photo to think on, 
a link to a favorite blog or inspiring place to visit,
an instructional video... you get the idea. 

You have to chuckle with me... 
because I'm already off to a shaky start
(given it is THURSDAY morning!)  Sigh!

I hope that you'll stop by each week and take a peek...
and then, be happy that you did!   Daryle

This week's "whimsy" is a mini tutorial 
for making your very own primitive hang tags.
Who doesn’t love the warm… worn appeal of a primitive hang tag?
The applications… are virtually endless! 
Their simplicity in form… timeless!

Please note: I have posted a little video
which accompanies these written instructions
 over at "Cloth and Clay Doll Makers"
(a link is provided here, on the right side-bar)

Creating a Primitive Hang Tag
(these instructions are for use only by adults...
they are not intended to be used by or with children)

Here’s what you’ll need:

• access to a toner-base photocopy machine.
• manila card-stock paper or an old manila file folder.
• instant coffee & some boiling water.
• a microwave oven.
• paper toweling & a spoon.
• a paper hole punch.                 
• white glue.

1. Decide on your script– what it is you wish to print on the tag and then print it, using your favorite font, from your computer.

2. Print the image on the manila card-stock paper or manila folder **using a toner based copier. (ink-jet copies will “run” during the coffee staining process)

3. Cut the hang tag to the size you want and then add a paper “cap” to the top of the tag, glue the “cap” in place and then punch a hole in the center. **(the video is helpful here)

4. Carefully add a small amount (1/2 cup) of boiling water to a Tablespoon of instant coffee (I use a metal bowl)...  

5. Mix it up and then place the hang tag(s) in the hot water for a short time (30 seconds).

6. Take the hang tag(s) out and place it on paper toweling– immediately microwave on a low setting (while still wet) for about 15 seconds to dry it.    
**(DO NOT LEAVE the microwave unattended)**

Optional: Dribble some drops of coffee on the tag and repeat– 15 seconds in the microwave. Then “sprinkle” the tag with some drops of water and microwave for another 15 seconds.    

Fini!    You have a primitive hang tag! 

**I coffee-stain some jute or hemp cord to use with the tag, at the same time... that I’m making the hang tags.
**Always use caution when heating water and using a microwave for craft purposes.


  1. Hello Daryle and Katie, I haven't been visiting lately. I'm hoping to get back into visits and creativity soon. I do think of you often. I'm in the process of moving and just packed up your angel of Hope. Thanks for sharing your tutorial. Linda

    1. Hi Linda... so good to hear from you! I've missed your visits here. Moving? Travel well and stop back when you settle in. Daryle

  2. What a good reason to visit with you on Wednesdays!!! Thanks so much for passing along these instructions - I always wondered how you do it! The hand tag on "The Memory Keeper" is part of him and will stay there forever.

    1. Penny... You're welcome so much! I have tried to "fine-tune" the process over the years and this approach seems to work well if you are going for the vintage, well-worn look. Kinda like me! Daryle

  3. Thanks for sharing your techniques to make these great tags, thanks Daryle! Deb xo