Friday, January 29, 2016

Wanted: A New Home!

At just one day old and 13 inches tall... 
The Bear Blizzard Child is ready to "leave home!"
(I hope to offer him in the Gallery later this weekend)

He is made using sparse, distressed German mohair 
and a paper clay head inserted in the fabric.
He also has five traditional "crown joints" using cotter pins.
If you are not familiar with traditional teddy bear making; 
this allows his head, arms, and legs to turn 360 degrees...
(though I do not recommend this, as he gets dizzy... wink!)
He is stuffed with washed raw wool and wood wool (excelsior),
giving him a soft vintage, and yet, "crunchy" feel.

He carries his Little Leather Library book: 
"The Bear Hunt and Other Stories" by Leo Tolstoy
and dons three coffee-stained  hang tags. 
(Wednesday's Whimsy post... for January 13th!)


  1. He came together so well! I love that he has his own little nook to hang out in.

  2. He is wonderful Daryle, someone is going to love having him in their home <3 Deb xo