Sunday, January 24, 2016

Der Bär Blizzard Kind

Out of the "Blizzard of 2016" is born:
Der Bär Blizzard Kind

(translated from the German: "the bear blizzard child")

Being "stuck inside because of the storm" has its benefits!
I pulled out some German mohair and wool felt that I had on hand.
Then... "tweaked" one of my original jointed teddy bear patterns.

I created this particular pattern for a bear published in the 
2006 Teddy Bear Calendar by Workman Publishing Company.

I found this vintage Little Leather Library book: 
"The Bear Hunt and Other Stories" by Leo Tolstoy... 
Well... how could one not be inspired!

The plan? 
Sculpt a whimsical paper clay head.
Sew and stuff (with excelsior and wool) the German mohair body and limbs.
Incorporate (5) cotter pins and wooden disk joints.
All before the sunset... on this, the Lord's Day!


  1. Is the Tolstoy in English? What a cool book.

    1. Yes... it is printed in English. Are you not familiar with the Little Leather Library series? I purchased my first collection back in college, in Wisconsin at a flea market... and have loved/collected them ever since. I picked up this title along with five or six others in Lancaster County.

  2. Can't wait to see your bar blizzard kind Daryle, stay safe and warm! Deb xo