Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Wednesday's Whimsy... Paper Maché

How do you spell it?  (Does it really matter?)

It is messy... so very ooey-gooey... 
and oh so much fun to work with:
Paper Maché 

Several years ago I was reintroduced and inspired 
by the extraordinary paper maché work of Russian born doll artist, 
Roman Shustrov

I created a “bird boy” for one of Art Doll Quarterly's challenges...
using a mélange of handmade mulberry papers, tissue papers, 
fabric and... this recipe for the paste:

Zinsser SureGrip all-purpose adhesive and wall size
 Elmer’s Glue-All white glue 
and tap water

 Mix these three together to the consistency of thick pancake batter. 
After mixing, allow the paste to “rest” for 30 minutes 
before using it. 
The mixture will keep for over a week 
in an airtight container, if refrigerated.

Have fun... get ooey-gooey and creative!

Here's a link to one of Roman's instructional videos... be inspired!


  1. I have SO many non-studio things to do today, but this post makes me want to chuck it all and go play in the clay. Thanks a lot, Daryl. :~D

  2. Ha! I spent two hours in my home office and then decided... I really needed to be at my worktable to play in some paper maché!