Monday, January 25, 2016

Barely Der Bär... Has a Face!

This is head sculpt #2... 
My original sculpt (alter-ego on the shelf) didn't make the cut!

After applying a base coat of soft black & raw umber...
I have started to top coat with
my three favorite "flesh" colors:
medium flesh tone, soft white(and always) yellow ochre.

He has taken on a bit of "ghoulishness"... hasn't he?
That will soften with time and more layering of color
and the addition of some eyes in those big sockets (I hope!)
He is holding some local wool and wood wool...
for his stuffing-party, a little later today!


  1. Love him already. The shadows on the first photo let me see a lot of his potential...and made the face look just a tiny bit like one of my granddaughters when she was a baby. :~D

  2. I think he looks more sad than scary. Perhaps he's missing his honey (since the bees are hibernating through the cold).