Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Der Bär... Cotter Pins and Raw Wool!

Well, after popping the seam in one of his arms, not once...
but twice (thank you "ladder stitch" to the rescue!)
Der Bär has raw wool stuffing and cotter pin crown jointed arms 
and a snuggly jointed head!

Next: stuff those little legs of his with raw wool,
then insert the cotter pins and washers,
fill his belly with wood wool and some soft raw wool,
sew his tiny ears on (Ugh! all thumbs here) 
and stitch up his back seam!

I'm planning on a bit of a wobble, under-stuffed neck... 
to give him a little added character.  Sigh!


  1. It is always so fun to see your dolls develop.

  2. I do enjoy "the process"... much more than the "post-completion blues!"

  3. He is coming along wonderfully, thanks for giving us a look into your process Daryle! Deb xo