Monday, August 19, 2013

Raw Umber... works its magic!

For me, the application of raw umber as a base coat
always seems to breathe "life" into a doll.
I designed some wooden wings, to which I applied
scrapbooking papers; with a vintage flair.
The wings will actually be attached to the upper
body with a wooden dowel that will "pierce" the fabric
along the back of the doll, running from wing-to-wing.

This guy will carry a bunting pennant that I made using
heavy tag board, script from a 1915 German Science Reader,
 metal eyelets and then three hammered copper letters that spell: "joy"
Here's a detail of one of the triangles:

Fun eh?
No... now the really fun part starts:
Applying the top coat to his head, hands and feet... then 
working on his body; ideas are spilling over in my silly head!
Thanks for taking a peek.

Hmmm... there may be some "big news" on the horizon!  
Blessings, Daryle


  1. Its your attention to details that always make the work special.......Love the beginning of this new magic...

  2. Big news? Never pegged you for a tease. :~}