Thursday, August 15, 2013

Folk Art... Refining My Roots!

After months of "I just can't..."
I sat down recently at my work-table and realized I can!
And the dry-spell... creative cat-nap slump... seems to be lifted.
In an attempt to "refine my (folk art) roots" I have started
working on a new angel:  wood, fabric, and paper clay...
three of my favorite mediums!  Stay tuned... (wink!) Daryle 


  1. I believe those are not slumps so much as recharging periods. We all have them, and they're scary, because they feel so permanent! :~) But coming out the other side of them we discover that our creativity was busy in its cocoon, turning into a different kind of butterfly. Hugs to you!

  2. Jan... I know that you know; my gardening (and grandkids!) this summer saved me! Daryle