Friday, August 30, 2013

W.I.P.... On-Line Workshop!

The "Big News"... mentioned in an earlier post this month:
I am working on my first ever (as in "terrified")
video workshop... to be offered on line.
Some of the "details" have changed as to the where and when,
but it is definitely in the works! (wink!)

O.O.A.K. Angel Shrine Doll

The inspiration for creating a OOAK angel shrine doll came from a children’s bereavement workshop that I attended years ago. The instructor introduced us to the concept of creating a “memory box.” A simple “house” filled with small objects that carry special significance and meaning. I have incorporated that concept into creating an angel shrine doll. This workshop will allow you to integrate your own OOAK found object (think flea market, thrift store, or attic find item that resembles a “house”) into a personal expression of your faith or life journey.

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