Friday, August 23, 2013

"A"... is for Angel!

I said it before... the end of the creative journey is always a bitter-sweet time for me!   And that's where I find myself with this guy...  "Folk Art Flying Angel."
My thanks to Teresa, from A Magical Whimsy... who suggested that I use the dark base-coat as the skin tone for this doll!  I love it... I did soften the head, hands, and feet with a dry brush application of "light cinnamon" and "burnt sienna."

I added some metallic gold "dots" to the existing verdi green dots and rubbed a bit on his wings as well.  Attach the wings & arms and he's finished!  He is indeed... a "kindred spirit!"   P.S. a late postscript: these are his true colors!     

1 comment:

  1. I just now got here Daryl.
    Oh! Sigh...he looks amazing.
    You gave me heavenly chills when you mentioned my inspiration to keep him a darker color.
    He really is WHO he IS! Totally.