Saturday, January 26, 2013

Santos... has a little Attitude!

I gave him a wash of Minwax wood stain to add a little
warmth and "aging" to his wings and body.
I also added paper clay to his forearms and began 
constructing his hands with wire for the fingers.
(the wrists look articulated but are not)
The arms have a wide range of motion for positioning.
I am planning on "de-constructing" the neck where it 
meets the shoulders... to give a more natural appearance
when turned to the side.
I have been working on a metal mesh over-lay that 
fits like a jacket... but I'm not too keen on the way it
looks at the moment.  Will have to rethink that one! 


  1. Yowzie! He's fabulous and getting better with each step.

  2. Your faces are always amazing in how much emotion you bring to your people...He seems know he has some secret that is amusing him....

  3. He is fantastic,the progress is amazing!!!!Love seeing his stages...

  4. I'm out of words... "loosing my words" as we would say in German.
    I simply love your dolls.
    they have soul.
    They live.