Friday, January 18, 2013

Paper Clay & Dowels...

I always find it amazing how a bit of paper clay and some wooden 
dowels can make a doll form... come to life! 
I decided against the "pear" shaped head and went with 
Styrofoam ball that I covered, first with masking tape, 
and then a layer of paper clay.
The head is separate from the upper body... my hope is this will
add to the "vintage look" of the doll later, after painting it.  
The torso is also layered with a quarter inch of paper clay
that I added last week.  I am loving the "cracked" effect 
that was achieved when the paper clay dried hastily 
over the duck cloth armature.
I attached the wooden wings to the upper body 
using metal hinges with screws (and "Gorilla Glue"... I love that stuff!)
The jointing of the shoulder is simply a wooden dowel.  
The jointing at the elbow will be made with wire and drilled holes.
The hardwood arm forms will be covered with paper clay 
and then painted. Hands will be added as well... Ugh!


  1. I love the idea to mix clay and wood (and iron) and making a wonderful tension. Can't wait to see her ready. Sending hugs, Erika

  2. I say once again - "Oh my". Thanks for taking us on this adventure. I love, love, love the effects you are getting. This mixture of materials is wonderful!