Friday, January 11, 2013

Introducing: "la Angel de Su presencia"

That's a definite "Hmmmmmm?"  
I'm just not too sure about the inverted wooden "pear" 
for the head armature. (but that is an "easy fix")
And the truth is... I haven't figured out where I'm
even headed with the duck cloth fabric body armature!

It will all work out in the end... right?
Thanks for stopping by... Daryle


  1. Hmmm I sort of like the pear, would like to see what can be done with that shape. I know that whatever, or however, it all turns out we're going to love it -- you have the magic of touch!

  2. I am with you and Penny,"Hmmmmmmm?" I think you will make it work if you decide the pear is the head!!Fun to see the process and if the pear stays!!!Hehe!!All of it looks great so far.