Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Armless, Angelic Santos!

It's always exciting (in my little world) when one of my
dolls turns the corner... and really "becomes" the personality 
it was meant to portray.  Well, it seems late into the evening 
last night... with the addition of paper "feathers" and some color 
 on his wings, a hastily painted red skull cap, a hand dyed crushed tulle
sash to match the paint on his wooden cage skirt and wings, and then 
a rusted heart and metal breastplate... he turned that corner! 
His arms?  I just removed them today to add extra paper clay 
and "beef 'em up" a bit.  Tsk! Tsk! Daryle


  1. WOW!!! Beautiful Doll!! You always have a way of putting things together that goes together!!You make it look effortless!!! Truly a GREAT doll maker!!

  2. He's wonderful!! I too feel that way when the personality finally emerges.

  3. Hi Daryle , You are such a wonderful skilled artist ! I love what you make. Everything is so magical and so exiting to look at . You always find the right balance to unite the elements and in the colors . Amazing work . Thank you for all the WIP pics too .