Saturday, August 25, 2012

Victorian Hardware to the Rescue!

This vintage drawer pull seemed to be the perfect solution
to that "something else is needed here"  
nudge that I had with this newest doll.
I added a bit more verdi color and highlighted the hardware 
with some metallic antique copper and gold acrylic paint;
that I softly rubbed on with my finger-tip.

I also finished painting the faux soldered body cage...
and the tiny birdcage. (what will I put inside it?)


  1. Its always a challenge to 'go the extra step' adding one more thing - but always worth the challenge. Your aging processes are wonderful as is your eye to see the possibilities.

  2. I agree with Penny's last sentence!! Because when I looked at the photos I thought to myself you do this type of doll so well!! Each piece you add belongs!!!Great job...

  3. Oh My! This is going to fantastic. Can't wait to see how it all 'adds' up. :)