Friday, August 3, 2012

The Keeper's Dolls...

I noticed a packet of round metal rim tags
that were hanging on the bulletin board,
next to my worktable...  waiting to be used!
"Ah... Ha!" (lightbulb comes on...)
Why not distress them, give each tag a "lost" date
and on the flip side... a "found" date
and create a tag for each of the lost dolls that
"The Keeper of Lost Dolls" has found?


And just what might that look like... on the cage doll skirt?

Don't you just love those "Ah-Ha" moments!"


  1. Oh so fabulous -- a beautiful touch!

  2. A very inspired "Ah-Ha" moment. They're just the right touch to make this piece even more spectacular.

  3. Great Idea! I have always loved those tags. Even when you buy the new version they still feel old. And, you are going to love this- I just found one in the family momentos that reads-
    Buettner, B/Boy
    Del @ 0555
    Wt 6lbs 1/2 oz
    LT 19"
    Yep- that was my older brother. It must have been attached to his baby blanket judging by the saftety pin still on it- Gasp, a safety pin? How unsafe!