Saturday, August 18, 2012

Borrowed Body Parts...Yikes!

It sounds like something right out of a Hitchcockian film...
Rather macabre beginnings for a new doll; 
involving borrowed body parts!
I salvaged the old wooden legs and vintage infant shoes
to incorporate in NEW (and improved) doll!  
(see August 12th post)

The head is "borrowed" from one of my other dolls...
Eventually my plan is to sculpt a "self portrait" doll head
(the charming little child I once was... Ha!)
and place it on this vintage box body.
I designed a faux "soldered" cage to fit over the body
 (it will be painted and distressed along the way...)
The tiny birdcage (Thank You Tim Holtz!) will hold
something dear to my heart.
The enameled metal number "14" just happens to
be my birthday, and the vintage glasses are for my old eyes!
And so the journey begins...  
Thank you for stopping along the way!  Daryle


  1. I like the face you have on him now...he's delightfully nerdy! :~)

  2. Looks like another winner in the making. Love that face with those glasses.

  3. He may have salvaged parts but he certainly has his very own personality!

  4. Can't wait to see that "self portrait" ! He will be a winner for sure!

    I'm just enjoying your work soo much.