Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Root's Old Mill Flea Market... Finds!

We just returned from our annual three day get-together 
in Lancaster County, with dear friends from Vermont.
We spent Tuesday morning at Root's Old Mill Flea Market in Manheim.
I found this circa 1940 metal glove mold and two china dolls.

One of the dolls (the armless cutie) is marked Nippon (pre WW II) 
and the other is marked Germany.  They were $3 for the pair...

A bit of paper clay and some wire; 
and two new arms will be in the making!

The glove mold was marked $8 but the vendor agreed upon $6
It was a good day...


  1. Congratulations on you great finds!

  2. How much fun is that?!! I love it when you find 'treasures' - I always know something fun and wonderful will come out of them.

  3. Very nice finds, Daryle. I was able to be at a flea market in New Hampshire with my sister a few times when I went for visits to Pepperell, Mass. If you go north from Pepperell on the main road you can't help but bump into it on every Sunday morning into the month of October. It's about a half hour from Pepperell on both sides of the road.
    Teresa in California

  4. Hi, I live in Delaware. My 5-year-old twins and I were on a hike in the woods. In the creek, my daughter found a doll. While searching on the internet for any information I could find about this doll, I came across the photo you have above.
    The doll my daughter found is identical to the doll on the right.
    Do you know anything about this doll? Ours has the numbers "901" and "7" on the back, and "Germany." I have a photo of it... Thanks

    1. Nicole... mine has the number 401 and then the number 7 on the back... also "Germany". What a wonderful find you have there. I know they date from 1890 to 1920. Daryle