Monday, August 6, 2012

The Final Coat...

It seems to be my newest mantra:
"Layer upon layer... brush it on, wipe it off!
And... it seems to work!
I used FolkArt "warm white" and "raw umber"
for the head, upper chest and hands.
Then I inked the eye brows and lower lashes
using a ZIG 0.5mm point pigment ink, acid-free pen.
The final coat is Plaid's outdoor matte sealer;
giving her a soft, well-worn appearance.

Now... it's just a matter of "assembling" her!

Her hair-piece is sewn and ready to glue on... 
(coffee stained jute cord that has been unraveled)
Her three aprons are ready to be layered and add...
(a vintage doily, millinery netting, & embossed papers)
Her "lost dolls" are ready to be attached... 
(haven't figured this one out yet... how to "tie" the
dolls to the cage skirt so they can easily be removed)
Her vintage crocheted glove "bonnet" is waiting...
(to cover up the back of her bald head!)
Oh... her arms!
(they will be wired on)


  1. Love the Patina! The layers upon layers are awesome. Can't wait to see her all put together.
    Oh! And I forgot to go to Cloth and Clay to see Jane's review of you!
    I must do that right now!
    Teresa in California

  2. Oh so fabulous! Can't wait to see her in all her glory.

  3. I the patina! She has a nice antique look, will enjoy seeing her finished.