Friday, March 1, 2013

A Troll... with a Gentle Soul!

Well... my first ball-jointed doll has a body 
(I'm STILL scraping out the styrofoam core!)
And a head that is decidedly unfinished!
That big ol' tooth will eventually have an upper and lower lip
wrapped around it... and I need to do something with that chin!
I hope to get his feet and legs sculpted next... though I'm
not sure if they will be jointed at the ankles or just at
the knees and hips.  Thanks for taking a peek!  Daryle


  1. I'm enjoying so much seeing him come to life! Love the way his head is tilted, as if to say 'how did I get here and what will I become?'

  2. omg - he will be a Darling!!!!!!!!