Saturday, March 16, 2013

First Stringing... and he stands!

He still needs forearms and hands, toes on his big ol' feet
and lots of "fine tuning"... but I couldn't wait any longer.
I just had to try a quick, temporary "first stringing!"
He is self-standing and is posable... Really, 
what else could a guy ask for?
And yes... he is definitely taking on his own personality
now... hence, "the timid tinker troll!"
My Dad was quite fond of the term... he would "tinker"
or "putter around" in the garage, when I was growing up.
This little guy (he stands 17" tall) will be a collector
of "things" that he can tinker on too...
Thank you for stopping by! Daryle 


  1. Hi!
    Your Troll is wonderful!!! Very sweet!
    I wait to see it finished
    Bear Hugs

    Patri Bears

  2. I too love that word 'tinker' and it is going to be perfect for him. He also looks like a secret keeper - as I think you could tell him anything and he would keep your secrets in his heart!

  3. Gosh! Daryle...your troll is awesome! I purchased Brian and Wendy Froud's 'Troll' book and what a splendid book of creativity with lots of magic on every single page.
    I need to take the link to Cloth and Clay Dolls ning site off my blog page and add 'the trodden path' link instead. I just saw your Cloth and Clay link on the side bar which is what reminded me to remember to do it.
    Hope you are having a good year. I know the weather has been a bit crazy on the eastern side of the U.S. for the first part of 2013. I can't believe it is already spring!
    Hello to Katie too!

  4. I just joined your blog....Daryle, he looks very gentle, he is wonderful, looks imp-ish to me, there's a little twinkle in his eye. Look forward to the next steps ! Now you made me want to make a BJD too.....