Friday, March 8, 2013

The Time-Consuming Troll... a Saga of Patience!

"Soulful..." is the word that immediately came to mind
when I finally got the ball-joint caps for his upper legs
in place and his head on... not straight.
LABOR INTENSIVE... this ball-jointed doll stuff!
Another view... he does sort of "grow on you"
(though in truth I walked away from my worktable 
on more than one occasion today!)
I furrowed his brows, pulled that big ol' tooth, added lips, 
changed his chin, and gave him some "baggage" under his eyes.
(the "blush" is an add-on... thank you PicMonkey!)


  1. Oh I love him!! What a wonderful face -- he looks like he would listen to all of your secrets and hold them close to his heart.

  2. He is wonderful. Soulful is a good word to describe him.