Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What Am I Doing?

I'm asking myself that question a lot today!
I've never really "carved" green florist's styrofoam before...
but now I know why it is suggested that you wear a mask
and have a vacuum cleaner close-by... Ha!

After transferring my BJD pattern to the foam blocks,
I began cutting away to shape the body core 
using a small serrated knife... what a mess!
I am using styrofoam balls for the head core 
as well as the shoulder and hip core joints.
There will also be joints at the forearms, hands,
knees and feet...  theoretically!
Next step... begin to apply paper clay 
over the core body parts.


  1. You might have had a time with it -- but it came out beautifully. I've never used the green stuff - have enough trouble with the white!

  2. I've been wanting to try this for ages. Not this year...but your bravery will inspire to try it next. I'll enjoy keeping up with your progress on this fellow!

  3. Whow - you are really taff!
    By the way - you surely know Noah's Doll?

    I will follow your progress...

  4. Interesting to see you use the green floral foam, I have been experimenting with it too and have found it really useful as long as you don't try anything too fine or thin because it snaps... It isn't easy to get blocks of the compressed white polystyrene to sculpt with in the UK. Really loving your work :o)