Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Tutti & Frutti are in ADQ!

They are a comical pair!
My heartfelt thanks to Jana Holstein, Managing Editor, 
and all of the staff at Art Doll Quarterly for
 including them in the Spring 2013 issue (on page 101)
of the "Show & Tell" section of the magazine.
I couldn't be happier with the article and photograph
that they published.  
I hope you'll pick up your copy of this issue... 
before it sells out!  
Every page of this issue is a feast for the eyes
and an inspiration for the soul!
Enjoy! Daryle


  1. Congratulations! Again! Daryle for making it into ADQ! And I read in PRIMS about Elaine and was so sorry to hear of her passing on to the glorious ABOVE!
    Thinking of Katie at this time too, prayers are going up!
    Hugs to both of you!
    Teresa in California

  2. I've got it!!! I've loved them ever since you began work on them and its so wonderful that all the readers of ARQ will get to see them.