Friday, February 22, 2013

My First... BJD!

Those words have a familiar ring, eh?
"In the beginning... there was styrofoam and straws!"
And so, a new journey begins... 
working on my very first ball jointed doll.
The PLAN is to use tutorials from:
 the "Noah" approach to making a BJD,
Linda Macario... Italian BJD artist, 
and "The Comprehensible Guide for Frustrated Doll Makers"
by Gribby Bullock found at Deskleaves on deviantART. 
At the moment I'm thinking... a troll doll;
with over-sized feet, a lovable face with exaggerated features,
big-knuckled fingers, and... Well, you get the idea.
(picture a gentle giant of a soul... that is posable!)
I think I need a nap...  Daryle


  1. Oh boy - this is going to be a fun journey to follow!!

  2. Interesting beginning materials for a BJD!!!Its going to be fun to watch!!