Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Harvest Moon... nears completion!

The dilemma is: 
to wear the funnel hat...
 or not to wear the funnel hat?
He finally has hands to hold the cracked
terra cotta clay pot that lay in the foreground.
His coloration is, well... like the harvest moon!
And as you can see... he is making a "spectacle"
of himself (pun intended!)  Tsk! Tsk!  Daryle


  1. Daryle, this guy is stunning. I love how you've painted and crackled the head. The colors are wonderful and as for the funnel hat, he's perfect as is.

  2. I think he looks great either way, but the funnel hat adds just that perfect touch of panache... :~) Question is, does it stay on or cause him to tump over? Then it's a deal-killer.

    He's awesome though. Has an expression much like my Papa Graham.