Saturday, July 9, 2011

Bear in Mind...

Every now and again I need a bit of "inspiration"...
(that is to say... a proverbial "kick-in-the-pants!")
Thank you... Jan Conwell from the Hermits' Garden!
She and I have been talking teddy bears in recent weeks...
and I decided to take a few pics of some of my bears!

And the "kick-in-the-pants"?
Well... I am supposed to be working on a magazine article 
about my bears!  So... now I just need to sit down and start typing
(as opposed to blogging... Tsk! Tsk!)

Here is a "group shot" of some of my favorites...
all my original patterns made with German or English mohair, 
using glass or vintage shoe buttons for eyes.
Each bear is fully jointed using traditional crown joints
(cotter pins and discs)  
Some are stuffed with poly-fill, some wood wool and some kapok.

This is "Bruin"... who stands at 21 inches tall... 
though he always seems to be sitting!

This is "Gunther"... his name means: bold warrior!
(he's a big softy at heart)... 
This big boy is made with curly, distressed English mohair.
He stands as the "sentinel" of our dining room...
(he takes this job very seriously!)

Well... as "seriously" as a bear wearing a crown of berries
and an infant undershirt can be taken!

This little guy is a small version of "Vinny"... 
The original "Vinny" was published in the Workman Press
Teddy Bear Calendar... back in the late 90's

And this is (my alter-ego?) "Milo"...
he's always clowning around, making you smile!
He's made using German glass eyes and mohair,
that I lovingly distressed and aged.
Now I must make haste... and get to work on the teddy bear article!
Warm Fuzzies... Daryle


  1. Daryle, your bears are darn cute and have so much personality especially Gunther. Get them to help with the article.

  2. Oh Daryle...your bears are so darn cute!
    Love the group picture!

    I am taking part in the Teddies Worldwide Online Show beginning July 15th. You should think about going into the holiday show in November...sign-ups will be in August.

    Take care,

  3. Beautiful bears...does your talent know no end? I'm partial to Gunther

  4. They are perfect, each in his own way. Milo still looks awfully serious to me for such a clown. :~)

    Now, get back to writing!

  5. All of your bears have such one-of-a-kind character. I think I like Gunther the best...I like his big cute!
    Thanks for sharing your handmade bear treasures!