Friday, July 22, 2011

Birdhouse Shrine Doll

On our drive into Salem this morning, we stopped at the
ARC Thrift Store... this four-legged birdhouse was in the window.
I walked out of the store... empty-handed!
After lunch... I came to my senses and we went back 
and picked it up!
My question is: "Where do these ideas come from?"
I mean, really... I took one look at this birdhouse on legs 
and saw a whimsical, winged, celestial messenger!
This paper clay head has been shelf-sitting for about six months
and I just picked up the vintage shoes in Pennsylvania this week!
WINGS... this guy needs a pair of wooden wings!
Joy in the journey... Daryle


  1. Yes, Daryle, where do these ideas come from? I would have passed the bird house by and never thought about it again. You on the other hand saw what could be.

  2. What an expression on his face! I like the color combination of the brown/white/yellow with the blues.