Sunday, July 24, 2011

Birdhouse Shrine Doll... Day #2 and-one-half!

I decided last night (at about 10 p.m.)
to add some papier mache shingles to the roof,
giving it a bit more interest and definition.
And he has wings... of course!
We found this carton of real quail eggs
at the Philadelphia Flower Show three years ago...
they have been sitting on my work table all this time; waiting!
Some are whole, some are broken... some are missing!
"The window of the soul..."  
I cut the wooden arched window using 1/4 inch craft plywood
and inset it, after cutting the opening with my scroll saw.
I love his little vintage shoes!
As always, thanks for stopping by!   Daryle


  1. This is art. Thank you for posting...

    Hope the quail eggs don't ever hatch...imagine how confused those poor little quail will be.

  2. He is shaping up! I see that you do not quail from using odds and ends and findings Daryle.
    Unapologetically and unconditionally a fan of your creations.

  3. Thank you both... I'm having so much fun with this doll assemblage, as he comes to life! Daryle

  4. It's almost scary how creative and imaginative you are. I love this doll.

  5. You always have such wonderful 'meanings' to your creations. They always have a beautiful or insightful 'meaning' to them. It is hard to put into words what I mean. Most of them are very thought provoking...meaning they touch the soul. I like the quail eggs in the birdhouse. 'The windows to the soul'...I like that~
    I am happy Miss Moses found such a wonderful home.