Friday, September 10, 2010

"Verus North"... Give Me One More Day!

Well, she has been a labor of love...
"True North" is just about finished!
I have to apply a crackle medium
to her head, hands and hair...
stitch her walking shorts and waist band 
in place, and add a few "extras!"
Enjoy... and watch for more pics in a few days!
Blessings... Daryle


  1. Your work is majical. Holding my breath until the giveaway day.

  2. It is nice that your dolls are a labor of love, that should be the only reason any of us make dolls...for the sheer enjoyment of making them!
    'True North' is an amazing creation. I like the photos you have been posting on the ning site too. It is enjoyable watching the progress of each doll you have made. Keep creating! And write me down for another post for the great doll giveaway you are having.
    Cheers! and thanks a bunch!
    Teresa in Cloth and Clay

  3. I've taken a deep breath..don't keep me waiting for too long, I shall burst...with antisipation.

  4. She looks like she is getting the wind from the Western sea (in Denmark ) throug her hair.. It can be rough over there, but also very energyfull (if you can say that in english?)
    nice work.

  5. it has been such a pleasure to watch Verus North evolve. Eager to see her in her final transformation!

  6. Hey! Darlye and Katie,
    I just joined another ning site I knew nothing about. It is Creative Workshops and there are 132 pages of 21 members per page listed. There are tutorial sites from some of the members on the site's right side bar. I feel I could watch the videos for hours(but I really don't have the time). I just hope to be able to view some of them as time permits.
    Have a great week!
    Teresa Swanson in Cloth and Clay