Monday, September 6, 2010

Rusty Doll Buggy Wheels... a Love Story!

About a year ago, Katie and I came across a set 
of four rusty, old rubber doll buggy wheels at the 
Farmer's Flea Market over in New Castle, Delaware.  
For me, it was clearly a case of "love at first sight."  
The four 7 inch buggy tires have been sitting silently, 
though quite visibly, on a shelf in our work area... waiting.  
This past Saturday, we found ourselves 
poking around the Farmer's Flea Market again.  
And there, just waiting to be snatched up... 
was this wonderfully worn, old wooden planer!  
(the vendor was asking $5... but with a wink, took $3)
This story is to be continued... Sigh!   


  1. Oh I just love old things that were obviously well used and loved! I have all kinds of mis matched bits that I hope someday to make into some wonderful display....
    Keep on collecting guys!
    Tina xo

  2. Me too.. old stuff got souls.. Even if you do not know what to use that all stuff to :-)