Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sascha and Gottfried: "Seelen der Freude"

Sascha ("defender of mankind")...

and Gottfried ("God's peace")... 

...along with all of the other souls of joy can be seen on our Cloth and Clay Dolls page.  You'll find the link here, on our blog!  Daryle


  1. I love this little fellow! You can really get crackle on your dolls... I can't seem to ...
    Pattee : )

  2. Wow that little guy has personality! I am just starting out and having a time trying to work with paper clay! Maybe I am being too fussy, lol! I did join Cloth and Clay Dolls and I should see if anyone has helpful suggestions for newbies. If you don't mind my asking what product do you have the best success with? Thanks for any help!

  3. Hi Tina! Getting back to you about paperclay products... I use "Creative PaperClay" and "Celluclay" for my dolls. I use the paperclay for all of the detail work like the nose, ears, hands and fingers. And I use the Celluclay when I want to cover the fabric body. I have found that a small dish of water at my worktable really helps! I just dab my finger tip in the water and smooth and/or join pieces together. I often work over a styrofoam or wooden ball armature for the head, with a cloth body. The only crackle medium that I use these days is made by "DecoArt." It is their one-step crackle medium. Hope this helps... You will find LOTS of ideas and support at Cloth and Clay Dolls! It is a great place to share ideas and ask questions! Have fun! Daryle

  4. Hi Pattee! Thanks so much for your very encouraging notes! I use "DecoArt" one-step crackle medium and it consistantly gives a nice, even crackle to paperclay. I have sitting on my workplace shelf, some "Valspar" Porcelain Crackle Glaze... but I have not tried it yet. The sample card that I picked up with this product (Home Depot) looks like it will provide an even, dramatic crackle. I will let you know what my results are, if I use it! Daryle