Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Sentinel... Sent to Laguna Hills!

I am delighted with the entire process... The "Sentinel of Winter" really took on a life of its own in terms of the design, fabric choices and the final "look!"  I was able to make use of some vintage buttons, fancy bead-work (on the hat), and that recycled wool blanket that Katie and I found at a thrift shop in Vineland. 
I used FolkArt's raw sienna acrylic paint for my over-glaze coat on the crackling.  I love the warm, rich, patina that it left.  Sigh... what's next?  Thanks so much for stopping by... Daryle


  1. I love the crackle and the patina is just wonderful.. I just haven't got the hang of it yet!

  2. Nice work I really like your add ons .The cloths are very nice.I went to a art show (inthe rain and all) this week end.There was a gal that did paper macha. I bought some halloween heads. She has a great things. I'm home and going to work with some clay and hope I can finish my cage doll. Will do some posting picturres .Too tried to night

  3. This piece of art is perfect! I can't wait to see it in ADQ. I have once again been inspired by your work. I haven't tried crackle yet; now I will! Enjoy the rest of your creative day.
    xo, Rebecca