Saturday, June 5, 2010

"The Sentinel of Winter!" an Art Doll Quarterly Challenge...

The deadline for this particular Art Doll Quarterly Challenge is in ten days...Yikes!  It's the "Milieu Challenge"... choosing an environment or surroundings for a particular doll that you have designed. I have placed "die wache winter" in a 15th century guard house, similar to those used by the "Beefeaters" who protect the Tower of London.  The house is made with foam board, wooden finials and scraps of pine and cardboard.  All covered in paper towels soaked in white glue, adding texture.  


My sentinel is dressed in an off white wool coat with a separate wool hat... made from a thrift shop wool blanket.  The remaining clothing and scarf is made from a textured wool men's sportscoat (also a local thrift shop find).  

TO DO LIST: Paint and crackle the head, add some eyes, wire the arms and add mittens.  Sew those buttons on! Glue some scrap-booking papers inside the guard house, paint it, "winterize" it... and get it in the mail!  Say a prayer! Daryle 


  1. Oh Daryle and Katie that is too precious! I can almost feel my toes getting frosty and you are not even finished yet. I would say you have definitely captured the feeling perfectly with your creation.
    I can hardly wait to see it in Art Doll Quarterly!

  2. OH goodness...I wish I had known about this sooner!!!!!!

    I LOVE your creation....absolutely wonderful!!!! The coat and hat are perfect.

    Wishing you a wonderful day,