Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving Day...Just Enough Snow!

We spent four days over Thanksgiving in Vermont 
with Em and Chad... and their wonder-dog: Stella!

Along with our grandsons (Jon and Ryan pictured here), 
our daughter Naomi and son-in-law Steve... 
In a word: WONDERFUL!

Yup... just enough snow to spend Thanksgiving morning 
making a snowman and having snowball fights...

Jon and his "lying down" snowman... that he made in
one of uncle Chad and auntie Em's raised bed gardens. 

Pop-Pop just had to do an "oil painting" rendition
of this delightful creation... (a snowman-doll is next!



  1. My kids used to make "hairy snowmen" back in TX when we'd get "just enough snow". Looks like your bunch is having a fine time.