Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Two Companions Have Left Home!

I finally... finished these three guys: "Companions Along the Journey"
They are, in part, based upon these two quotes:

“I am a companion of all those who revere You.” 
(Psalm 119:63 NASB)

"Some carried their burdens well, some did not.  And some
carried very heavy burdens with gallentry and grace."
(Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert A. Heilein)

This guy is part of the "Artful Giving" show and sale
down in Millville this month and next.

This guy is also part of the Riverfront Renaissance show!

And this guy? 
Well, he stayed home and now stands on my office desk!

I did an "oil painting" rendition of him using PhotoFunia...
Check out their website... it has some fun, funky finishes and formats.
(how's that for some alliteration!) 


  1. They are soooo wonderful! I'm glad you saved one to keep you company.

  2. Hope you sell well at the shows, but I'm with you--I think I'd have to keep one of them. :~)