Saturday, December 24, 2016

Christmas Eve

Our tree is decorated... ready and waiting for the grandsons to arrive
(and their Mom & Dad too... wink!)
We've always had candles on our tree (that German heritage), 
and this year added red wooden beads and curly raffia.

Like many of your homes...
Every ornament on our tree has "a story"...
Above... ornaments our grandsons made.

The snowman is from our Vermont
"Kingdom Kraft" business days...
The pewter lamb from Danforth Pewters.

This snowman ornie was from our oldest daughter
and has become a favorite...

We made this wedding couple for our first tree...
Up in Amherst, Wisconsin... forty two years ago.

A Vermont handcrafter created this...
(it hangs next to a red bag full of coal!)

Another from our first Christmas...
filled with dried wildflowers we found
along the roadside in Amherst...

Our German "Putz" collection... now fills a wooden cabinet
during Christmas.  When we lived in Vermont, we would
visit the homes of others friends who also put up a putz...

The figures tell the "life of Christ" story... not just the Nativity.

Out fireplace mantle this year... (fake greens... Tsk! Tsk!)

Found this St. Nick at a thrift shop ($3.) in Vermont a few years ago...
He's  a little "grumpy"... but we love him!

Love, love, love the over-sized ears on this folk art angel!

And then our "sepia photo finish" tree...
Four generations of family photos that I processed
years ago with a "sepia" finish...

Grandma Cook (Koch)... our parents, our siblings, our children.

(Yup... that's our wedding photo and our daughter's above it!)

Three generations of "Fischer" girls... 
Grandma Lucille, Katie and our daughter, Naomi.
A flood of memories... 

And then there are the hand-carved wooden Saint Nicks...

made by Vermont artisans, the McAlister family

We're wishing you a Merry Christmas... Daryle & Katie


  1. How delightful! Your home full of memories and Christmas decorations is splendid. Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    1. Thank you Bethann. Even now, looking over the post, our home appears a bit "excessive"... but it really is quite simple! (wink)

  2. Daryle,
    Your home is so beautiful at Christmas. So homey and warm. I love an old fashioned decorated tree with keepsake ornaments.
    Wishing you and Katie a Happy New Year full of many blessings.

    1. Happy Wishes sent your way Anne... for an equally blessed 2017!

  3. The ornaments and handmade decorations are heart warming. Hope your Christmas was as beautiful as your inviting home!

    1. Thank you Jan... we had our grandsons and adult "kids" here Christmas Day and then overnight... Took a "breather" over Tuesday and then headed up to Vermont for four days with our youngest daughter and son-in-law-to-be. It was perfect!

  4. Daryle and Katie,
    I'm so glad I stopped by to visit today. I love, love , love your Christmas decorations. Our Christmas tree is always decorated with memories too. Your Christmas Putz is beautiful. I sort of have a Christmas Putz tree that was my mothers. I've been to Bethlehem PA to see the Putz there. Thanks for sharing.
    Linda A.