Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Snake Mountain Revisited... Ten Years Later!

We just returned from spending five days with family, 
back in Vermont. Nestled in the Champlain Valley, 
Addison County, is the town of Addison.
This was our home for twenty years; 
as seen from the top of Snake Mountain.

Our youngest daughter (Emily) and I 
made the climb to the top (in one hour)... 
much to my surprise, 
as it has been ten years since we climbed it!

Along the journey, we kept finding red efts, 
these immature eastern spotted newts... 
wherever there was a little moisture and moss.


  1. Wonderful post. I love the picture of the red eft! I've never seen one before.

  2. They are just prolific along the trails; in the lower wet-areas, in late May... we must have spotted dozens along the way! There is a pond (Red Rock Pond) near the top that is "home" to the adult eastern spotted newt. We avoided the area this past weekend because Peregrine Falcons nest along the rock ledge at this time of the year; the Nature Conservancy posts the area.

  3. What gorgeous scenery. I'm glad you had such a great time with your family!

  4. Looks like you enjoyed your time together.