Wednesday, June 15, 2016

I'm Going Batty!

So... our VBS theme this year is "Cave Quest"
I bought a hard hat and a (very cool) headlamp
that fits over the hat...

All that was missing was... a bat!

He is one of the five-day "Bible Buddies" who are
part of the curriculum for the week...
His name is "Radar" (he's just too cute!)

I will attach him to the top of my hard hat, so he will be 
standing just above the flashing (red light) headlamp.
Too much fun... (and the kids, no doubt, will love him!)

He still needs a coat of Gesso... and then a wash of color!


  1. Daryle, He is really cute and I'm sure the kids will just love him.
    Enjoy your VBS.

  2. Replies
    1. I ended up top-coating this little guy with some washes of brown, raw umber, and soft black... not to my delight! I wish I would have "left well enough alone" and just stayed with the mulberry papers. Sigh...

  3. Oh, he is wonderful! I love the sweet, silly, hopeful expression on his face.