Wednesday, February 10, 2016

"Wabi" Wednesday!

After publishing last week's "Wednesday's Whimsy"...

I realized that the whole notion of wabi-sabi is such an
integral part of my own life and creative journey, 
that a "Wabi-Wednesday" post would be far more meaningful 
(and fun) than a "Wednesday's Whimsy!" weekly post.
Soooo... all that being said: Why not have both!?!

That's my new plan: Offer either a weekly wabi-sabi photo
to inspire... or a bit of whimsy to revel in!

These three mottled oil cans sit atop a stately crackled
architectural piece on my work table... 
"There is an aching poetry in things that carry this patina!"

1 comment:

  1. What fun this is going to be for all of us out here in blogland. You have a natural affinity for the 'olde' and I love the way your work seems to always have something 'aged' in it. Thanks for your inspiration.