Sunday, February 7, 2016

They Are Among Us...

They are among us...   "companions along the journey"
That's the name I've given to the newest mini-series 
of paper clay and maché dolls I am currently working on.
Are they "other-worldly" or simply "kindred spirits" (or both)?

The inspiration came from two very different sources:

“Some carried their burdens well, some did not. 
And some carried very heavy burdens with gallantry and grace.”  
(Job: A Comedy of Justice by Robert A. Heinlein)


“I am a companion of all those who revere You...” 
(Psalm 119:63a, NASB)

This new series acknowledges those unassuming friends, 
who join us along life’s journey… 
while bringing a smile to our face and assurance to our heart!
And so, the journey begins... Daryle


  1. I love the tiny wings, and the theme of the mini-series. They will be wonderful to see.

    1. Thanks Jan... I find myself more motivated (inspired?) when working on a small series of dolls. Each one seems to play -off the other, sparking new direction and ideas. Daryle

  2. I too love this theme. Your figures often give me that feeling -- their faces, their poses and their attitudes. That's why I just love having "The Memory Keeper" in my bedroom. I talk to him each morning and we share our secrets of the day at night.

    1. Penny... The theme is a favorite of mine too. I feel that on occasion, I am able to capture the sentiment of Heinlein's quote, as you said... in an expression or pose of certain dolls. I'm so glad you are enjoying "The Memory Keeper!" Daryle