Monday, February 15, 2016

Here We Go Round the Mulberry Papers!

Mulberry papers always add such wonderful texture 
and interest to a paper maché project!

Some of the papers I used had skeletonized leaves embedded...

Other papers had various fibers and string...

The painted, crushed tulle will serve as scarves 
for these three companions.
(Did you notice their little red boots?)
What a hoot!


  1. I too love Mulberry papers. They come in wonderful colors and the texture is just perfect.

    1. Penny... Katie and I have been "holding onto these papers" (hoarding) for well over ten years; when I rediscovered them in my stash of goodies. Coming across them was like finding buried treasure!

  2. I found a roll of something at the thrift shop the other day...not sure if it's mulberry paper or not. Very textured, but pretty thin. Your guys look great splashin' out in all that color!

    1. Jan, some of the paper I used (with the skeletonized leaved embedded) were quite thin. I've dyed their little wool waist-jackets... lots MORE color going on with them!