Friday, September 4, 2015

August Give-Away goes to...

Katie and I just returned from a few days away with our grandsons.
Our oldest, just began first grade... how exciting is that!

Oh my... each response struck a chord with our hearts and souls;
but in the end we both agreed that the August Give-Away should
find a new home with: Mickie Beverly

Congrats... please send us your postal mailing address 
and we will get this box of goodies in the mail this week!
Daryle & Katie


  1. Well done Mickie! Congrats indeed. :)

  2. I am so excited! My address is:
    7532 Tanglewood Road
    Richmond, VA 23225
    Thank you! Mickie

  3. I received my bundle of inspirational joy this evening. What treasures! I hadn't noticed the pocket watch case in the photo. I love all of it and can't wait to see what each piece clamors to become. Thank you, Katie and Daryle.

    God bless all that you do,
    Mickie Beverly

  4. Mickie... Enjoy each and every single piece (including that pocket watch case!) along your creative journey! Daryle